eLingo software for language schools management and administration

Advanced school management

Define various types of courses for various languages and dynamics, enroll students, add students, create student groups, track vists and payments, easily rearrange student groups

Payments and partial payments

Manage student payments. Partial payments are also possible. Clients can pay courses in several payments. You can check which members are in debt at any time.

Great reporting and exporting dat to excel

Gather and maintain detailed record of student activities, payments, and visits. Analyze data and generate reports to gain insights to improve your business. All data can be exported to excel and PDF.

Easy schedulling and booking

Easily create schedules for group classes and individual lessons by using weekly timetables or by selecting dates in calendar. You can easily check schedule on any day.

Waiting lists creating and managing

When potential customers call you, you can gather information about their wishes and interests and create waiting list. Later you can easily form courses and groups from waiting list according to those information.

User rights management

Give your employees appropriate user rights in program. Define various user categories and user rights levels.

Sending email to groups and students

Easy student notification by email. You can send email messages to single student or all students in a group directly from eLingo school assistant.

Student progress reporting by mail

You can send student progress reports by email. That way students can track their progress or student parrents can track children's progress.

Daily expenses

You can enter daily expenses and later analyze it. Daily expenses can be analyzed by various categories and for different periods.

Attendance using Bar-code or RFID cards

You can easily check-in students using bar-code cards, RFID cards or by simply selecting student from the list.

Student debts

You can check lists of students with debt at any moment. Also you can see total student's debt when opening students profile.

Group courses and individual lessons

eLingo offers very flexible way to manage both group courses and individual classes. You can have unlimited number of groups and individual students on any course.